We’re a team of aviation and remote sensing experts who are dedicated to the mission. 

As a team we’ve been flying dedicated remote sensing missions for over two decades, which has developed our profound passion for the work. We bring our passion and enthusiasm to each project, for clients new to remote sensing and seasoned veterans. We take pride in delivering full comprehensive operational support, allowing our clients to focus on the data. 


Transforming sensor technology into unique, operational capability


Equip companies with the ability to scale their missions to new heights


IO Aerospace is a specialized firm that helps its clients take their remote sensing to new heights.  

Founded in 2022 with a vision to transform sensor technology into unique operational capacity, IO provides end-to-end services for remote sensing missions. From start to finish, our team has the expertise to help in sensor design. We assist in integration, aircraft acquisition, and flight operations. Additionally, we handle sensor management, data quality control, and data processing. We’re also skilled in product creation and cloud-based scalable production and delivery systems.

With over 20 years of combined experience the IO Aerospace team has proven expertise in airborne collection systems. Together our team has mapped millions of square kilometers, over three continents and more than 20 countries.  With developed expertise in the design, integration, automation, operations and validation of airborne systems, we know what it takes to consistently produce reliable data sets at scale.

Collecting the data is just the first step in your mission. Our team also posses in-depth knowledge of geospatial data and geospatial technology – allowing us to design, build and customize, unique cloud-based remote sensing data management and processing systems suited to your needs.



At IO safety is the cornerstone of our operations. We strongly believe that safety must be at the forefront of all operations, and we prioritize it from the beginning. Our comprehensive approach to safety is built upon the foundation of our unwavering commitment to ensure the well-being of our personnel, clients and the environment.


As engineers and designers, we pride ourselves in approaching each project with a fresh perspective. Working collaboratively with our clients we create tailor-made solutions to meet each clients' unique and specific goals. We recognize that technology and best practices are consonantly evolving, and we continuously integrate new knowledge and insights into our work to stay ahead of the curve and lead the way for new discoveries and possibilities.


We are committed to fostering close relationships with our clients. Our approach involves regular meetings, updates, and checkpoints to maintain a strong connection and gain a deeper understanding of our clients' philosophy, approach and overall mission objectives. We believe that open communication and collaboration are vital to delivering the highest quality of work and scaling mission to unimaginable heights.


We understand that intellectual honesty involves an unwavering commitment to transparency and accuracy. In this, we recognize the importance of a data-driven and test-based approach to problem-solving and are dedicated to implementing solutions that are grounded in sound science and technology.


IO was born out of curiosity to see how we could further push the industry forward. We believe that curiosity is a powerful force that drives innovation, and we are passionate about discovering new insights and perspectives on all the data our world has to offer us. Which is why we approach each project with an open mindset, eager to learn and understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each client and their mission presents.