Transforming sensor technology into unique, operational capability

IO Aerospace is a special missions aviation and remote sensing company providing full service operations for complex, unique, and specialized projects. 

IO Aerospace works with science teams, companies, and government organizations to seamlessly integrate and operate customized remote sensing equipment. With over two decades of experience executing remote sensing missions across three continents and in more than 20 countries, our team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, taking our clients missions to new heights and providing sustained results. 



Our typical engagement starts when a science team, company or government agency is seeking guidance for further steps in achieving their mission. Occasionally clients have a specific sensor type in mind, in which case we support the sensor selection. After the sensor selection stage, we prepare the aircraft and integrate the sensor into the platform. Once the sensors are integrated, we conduct test flights to guarantee optimal performance. The final stage is ongoing operations, where the IO Aerospace team offers full turn-key services, ensuring a steady stream of the data clients need.


Dedicated to aiding our clients in successfully achieving their special missions, each project is tailor made to meet mission requirements. Our expertise lies in undertaking wide area mapping projects of including entire US states, linear infrastructure such as pipelines or rail corridors, and targeted resource areas such as sedimentary basins, forest inventories, or agricultural zones. While we primarily do work in North America our team has experience and successful missions across the globe and is able to launch our clients' mission from anywhere.


Unlike charter operators or commercial carriers, IO is unique and specializes in custom airborne operations for remote sensing missions. With a philosophy rooted in our special mission focus, the IO team has extensive experience providing custom solutions for high altitude mapping missions, high frequency monitoring missions, and specialized applications. With experienced and professional pilots, maintenance engineers, flight planners, sensor operators, and ground personnel behind the scenes, our team at IO Aerospace can augment your team as much or as little as the project requires.


Valuing innovation and collaboration, at IO Aerospace we work closely with various entities, including science teams, companies and government agencies to develop and integrate custom sensors into airborne platforms. Our strength in scaling and operationalizing remote sensing data acquisitions and processing allows us to work with teams at all stages of readiness, from a lunch meeting idea jotted on a napkin to fully integrated production-level sensors. Having worked with nearly every type of sensor available including optical, LiDAR, radar, spectroscopy and magnetic, we are confident in our team's ability to scale our clients' projects all the way to the stars.