IO Aerospace is a specialized firm elevating remote sensing missions to new heights. Our comprehensive full services model for specialized airborne remote sensing missions include: sensor design, integration, aircraft acquisition and management, flight operations, sensor operations and management, data processing and quality control, and more.

Let us take your mission to new heights.

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Our Services

Special Missions

IO Aerospace has a unique focus on special missions and our team of experts can help you achieve success with your airborne remote-sensing program.

Sensor Integration

Our team of engineering experts specialize in sensor design and integration, working to deliver the results and data needed for our clients' missions.

Field Operations

With experience mapping millions of square kilometers in over 20 countries, we know what it takes to deliver reliable data sets, helping scale our clients' missions.

“We looked at many aviation providers for our special mission, and only IO Aerospace has the combination of airborne capacity and specialist geomatics knowledge that addresses our need.” 

– Director, Satellite Company 

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Mastering Tactical Flight Planning for Remote Sensing Missions 

As technology advances, remote sensing expands, offering invaluable insights into our environment, agriculture, and beyond. However, behind every successful remote sensing mission lies a crucial component often overlooked: tactical flight planning. This article delves into the intricacies of tactical flight…

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Space-Bound Hardware Testing 

Aerospace companies continually develop cutting-edge technologies destined for space. From propulsion systems to life support equipment, the hardware designed for space missions must undergo testing to ensure reliability, durability, and performance in the harsh environment of space.  In this blog,…

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Mapping vs Monitoring

We work with clients on many different mission profiles, and one of the common questions we ask at the start is: Are you mapping, or are you monitoring? There are some key differences between mapping and monitoring that have big…

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