As we approach the end of a transformative year, it’s time to reflect on remarkable milestones and a journey filled with innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking achievements.  
In 2023, IO Aerospace achieved a significant milestone by transforming a Learjet into a high-altitude airborne mapping platform for the MethaneAIR mission. In collaboration with Avcon ISR Solutions, the aircraft underwent extensive modifications. The quick nine-month turnaround resulted in a one-of-a-kind operational platform capable of simulating near-space conditions, flying at 400kts at 40,000 ft for up to six hours. This uniquely modified Lear 35 enables high-volume data collection of over 10,000 km2 per day.  

Between May and October, our IO Special Missions Platform covered an impressive 188,251 KM, spanning over 750,000 km². This achievement was made possible by our dedicated team and advanced technology. 

We have enhanced our capabilities in collaboration with a prominent satellite data provider. Our focus lies in providing the capacity to gather simulated imagery using a drone, offering high-resolution, multi-band outputs with quick turnaround and ortho capabilities. This collaborative effort has involved travelling to unique sites and working with the client to capture specific areas and landscapes. 

IO Aerospace is happy to continue providing custom remote sensing services and pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible.

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