MethaneSAT has launched the MethaneAIR program, deploying advanced technology on a specially equipped jet aircraft to track methane emissions across North America. This complements the upcoming MethaneSAT satellite launch in early 2024, with the aim of helping both industry and regulators reduce methane emissions, a significant contributor to global warming. Data from both aircraft and satellite will be freely available, offering actionable insights for emission reduction efforts. 

MethaneAIR employs sensitive instruments to detect methane emissions at a regional scale, enabling the determination of total emissions over wide areas, including both large and numerous small sources. These smaller sources play a significant role in methane emissions. The initial focus is on oil and gas facilities in key regions, such as Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico, with plans for over 50 flights through fall 2023.  

This EDF article discusses the role of the IO’s special missions learjet in EDF’s mission to collect valuable data about methan emission. 

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