Learjet 35A - front

Today Colorado based IO Aerospace Inc. announces that they have closed on the purchase a Learjet 35A.

Io Aerospace is a specialized firm providing end-to-end services for remote sensing missions. Working with clients from science teams, companies, and government organizations, IO Aerospace assists with sensor design and integration. They also provide support with aircraft acquisition and flight operations. In addition, they provide expertise in sensor management, data quality control, and data processing.

This Lear 35A will be specially modified with an FAA approved STC to include a mid-cabin dual camera hatch. This fully pressurized dual camera ports will enable Io Aerospace to simultaneously carry two payloads for high-altitude high-speed data collection. Further FAA-approved modifications will extend the range of this Lear 35A. These modifications will also enhance its stability in service of delivering reliable, repeatable data collection services.

“With the purchase and subsequent modification of this Learjet 35A Io Aerospace is on track to deliver a unique service for our clients” said Io Aerospace President and CEO Jonathan Neufeld. “To our knowledge, there are no other commercial Learjet’s provisioned for fully pressurized, high-altitude operations with dual sensor ports. We’re excited about what this means for our ability to deliver customized remote sensing services.”

“This aircraft will provide a unique set of remote-sensing capabilities including high altitude, high speed, and long endurance”, said Io Aerospace CTO Trevor Miller. “With collection rates of over 10,000km2 in a single flight, it is highly suitable for cost effective wide-area surveillance applications such as monitoring of atmospheric gases.”

The purchase of the Learjet 35A closes today with Io Aerospace taking delivery of the aircraft later this week. Modification of the aircraft will begin immediately. The jet is scheduled to be ready for operations in Q1 2023.

Contact jneufeld@io-aerospace.com

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