IO and MethaneSAT on NPR’s report

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In NPR’s report, it is mentioned that methane emissions have caused a half-degree Celsius increase in global temperatures since the industrial revolution. With a warming potential over 25 times that of carbon dioxide, curbing methane emissions is essential. 

Before the satellite’s launch, MethaneSAT initiated MethaneAIR, a special mission to test sensor technology. IO Aerospace, as a key partner, provides expertise in airborne remote sensing, allowing for precise mapping of large areas. 

IO’s customized missions aid sensor technology testing, delivering reliable data and augmenting orbital data from MethaneSAT. This collaborative effort marks a significant step forward. It provides essential tools to combat climate change and fight against methane emissions.

This NPR report has taken a look at methane, how it affects our environment, and MethaneSAT’s role in controlling its effect. Additionally, the report includes an insightful interview with our skilled pilot, Chris Weaver, showcasing firsthand experiences and expertise in this critical endeavor. 

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