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Missioning MethaneAIR 

With methane emissions being a significant contributor to climate change, the MethaneAIR mission will test sensor technology and acquire data to address methane gas emissions. 

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New Yorker’s Article on MethaneSAT

MethaneSAT, a nonprofit-funded satellite mission, has a vital goal of pinpointing methane emissions worldwide, a significant contributor to global warming. This mission comes in response to the cancellation of NASA’s GeoCarb project, which was designed to study carbon-based gases, leaving a critical gap in methane detection capabilities. MethaneSAT aims to […]

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Buying crucial time in climate change fight, a Harvard Gazette article

The MethaneSAT satellite project, set to launch in early 2024, aims to precisely detect global methane emissions. This collaboration involves the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), academic scientists, private space industry, and philanthropic funding. MethaneSAT’s goal is to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas facilities by 45 percent by 2025 […]

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