drone data acquisition

Behind the Scenes, Drone Data Acquisition

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when flying a drone?  If so, you should watch this behind-the-scenes video. We recently went to a rural area west of Calgary, and collected specialized data for a client.  Over the course of about two and a half hours, we […]

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Three-dimensional synthetic works, representing the future of technology and data transmission, the Internet, the global network

Flying remote sensing missions

As the world becomes more interconnected and reliant on data, there is a growing need to make sense of all the information and knowledge that data offers us. With this, the demand for remote sensing capabilities is growing rapidly. To achieve a project’s goals and allow for mission scaling, those […]

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Missioning MethaneAIR 

With methane emissions being a significant contributor to climate change, the MethaneAIR mission will test sensor technology and acquire data to address methane gas emissions. 

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IO Aerospace to support MethaneSAT in MethaneAIR Mission

Denver, CO: IO Aerospace announced today its collaboration with MethaneSAT, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF). The collaboration is focused on their special mission, MethaneAIR. The MethaneAIR mission is equipped with state-of-the-art methane measurement technology. This technology will measure and track methane emissions from oil and […]

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Building a High Altitude Mapping Platform

Now that we’ve closed on the purchase on a Lear 35 we have started the process of adapting it into a high altitude, high speed platform for mapping, monitoring, and specialized remote sensing missions. Watch the video here (3:00): The Lear 35 The Lear 35 is an ideal platform for […]

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IO Aerospace Closes on purchase of Lear 35A

Today Colorado based Io Aerospace Inc. announces that they have closed on the purchase a Learjet 35A. This Lear 35A will be specially modified with an FAA approved STC to include a mid-cabin dual camera hatch. This fully pressurized dual camera hatch will enable Io Aerospace to simultaneously carry two payloads for high-altitude high-speed data collection.

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Mapping vs Monitoring

We work with clients on many different mission profile, and one of the common questions we ask at the start is: Are you mapping, or are you monitoring? There are some key differences between mapping and monitoring that have big impacts on your mission design and data processing pipeline. Mapping […]

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