IO Aerospace: Pioneering Solutions for a Unique Sky Journey 

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Learjet 35 - IO Aerospace

At IO Aerospace, we embrace curiosity and innovation, echoing through every mission we undertake. As a specialized aviation and remote sensing company, we don’t just provide solutions; we redefine what’s possible. Let’s delve into who we are, what we stand for, and how we’re transforming prototypes into operational reality, prioritizing missions with data that truly matters. 

IO Aerospace: Elevating Remote Sensing to Unprecedented Heights

Welcome to IO Aerospace, where we redefine the possibilities of remote sensing through our specialized aviation and sensor technology. As a premier special missions aviation and remote sensing company, we pride ourselves on providing full-service operations tailored for complex, unique, and specialized projects. With over two decades of experience spanning three continents and more than 20 countries, we bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every mission, elevating our clients’ projects to new heights and delivering sustained results. 

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Our Services: Transforming Concepts into Operational Realities

Embarking on a mission with IO Aerospace begins with a collaborative engagement. Whether it’s a science team, a company, or a government agency seeking guidance for their mission, we step in to provide comprehensive support. Clients occasionally come with specific sensor types in mind, and we seamlessly support the sensor selection process. Our journey continues as we prepare the aircraft, integrate the selected sensor into the platform, and conduct meticulous test flights to ensure optimal performance. The culmination is ongoing operations, where our IO Aerospace team offers full turn-key services, guaranteeing a continuous stream of the vital data our clients need. 

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Mapping, Monitoring, and Special Missions: Tailored Solutions for Every Project

Dedicated to helping our clients successfully achieve their special missions, every project at IO Aerospace is custom-made to meet unique requirements. Our expertise extends to wide area mapping projects, covering entire US states, linear infrastructure such as pipelines or rail corridors, and targeted resource areas like sedimentary basins, forest inventories, or agricultural zones. While our primary focus is North America, our experienced team has successfully executed missions across the globe, showcasing our ability to launch clients’ missions from anywhere. 

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Custom Aircraft Operations: Precision in Every Flight

Unlike charter operators or commercial carriers, IO Aerospace specializes in custom airborne operations designed for remote sensing missions. Our philosophy revolves around a special mission focus, and our team boasts extensive experience providing custom solutions for high altitude mapping missions, high-frequency monitoring missions, and specialized applications. With a dedicated team of experienced and professional pilots, maintenance engineers, flight planners, sensor operators, and ground personnel, IO Aerospace can seamlessly augment your team according to the specific needs of the project. 

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Sensor Development and Integration: Scaling Projects to the Stars

Valuing innovation and collaboration, IO Aerospace actively collaborates to develop and integrate custom sensors into airborne platforms. Our strength lies in scaling and operationalizing remote sensing data acquisitions and processing, accommodating teams at all stages of readiness. From a casual lunch meeting idea to fully integrated production-level sensors, we have worked with nearly every type of sensor available, including optical, LiDAR, radar, spectroscopy, and magnetic. At IO Aerospace, we’re confident in our ability to scale our clients’ projects to reach the stars. 

Join us on a journey where each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of specialized aviation and remote sensing. 

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